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Entries Accepted: 5.17.22 10AM BST – 5.19.22 10AM BST

You will be notified by email within 12 hours of the draw closing if you won. Your card will be charged the following at that time (+ tax): Mega Crush Clog: 104.99 GBP Classic Lined Clog: 74.99 GBP Classic Clog: 64.99 GBP Shipping details will be provided once the product is available for shipping.

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Lazy Oaf x CrocsClassic Clog

You’re a mean green clog wearing machine. These are what would happen if you dipped your classic croc clog in a vat of Lazy Oaf’s toxic waste weirdness. These radioactive bears come from a slime green planet where they pass their days sitting in swamps and talking about forming a union.

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Lazy Oaf x CrocsMega Crush Clog

We’re crashing into a new dimension with the Mega Crush Clog. With a pastel gradient that looks like the portal to a new world, giant genuine fake diamond flower Jibbitz™ and a metallic midsole that works like a go faster stripe…this shape is for those who want to put their Crocs into four-wheel drive and go exploring extraterrestrial terrains. Just watch out for potholes.

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Lazy Oaf x CrocsClassic Lined Clog

Meet our very own Croczilla. Inspired by those huge clomping creatures that take over towns in doomsday movies, these fleece lined clogs feature Terry the three-eyed Teddy. Don’t trust his cute appearance, Terry has an agenda - one of world domination and eating packets of crisps. But don’t fret, he can keep your feet cosy whilst he does both of those things.

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Lazy Oaf and Crocs.