Women’s Meleen Twist Sandal

4 out of 5 stars
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    Women’s Meleen Twist Sandal
    Item #202497

    A Foot-Friendly Fit

    A basic sandal with a little more style power. The Meleen Twist is made entirely with our Croslite™ foam, so it’s very light and very comfortable. We’ve added a playful twist to the upper straps, updating the look and giving you the side benefit of a foot-friendly fit. The footbed has tiny massage-pods and a heel cup for even more comfort.

    Women’s Meleen Twist Sandal Details:

    • Lightweight, fully-molded sandal with foot-friendly "twist" pattern straps
    • Deep heel cup for added comfort
    • Croslite™ foam footbed on top of a Croslite™ foam outsole for all-day cushion
    • Dual Crocs Comfort™: Blissfully supportive. Soft. All-day comfort.
    5 out of 5 stars
    Sarah Bradbury from Hampshire
    "Having only recently bought my first ever pair of crocs (which I love - I don't care what other people may say!!!) I had been scouring shoe shops and websites for weeks, looking for some comfortable sandals which might fit my wide, fat feet (which have a ridiculously high instep) when I decided to see if Crocs didn't anything else (I'd seen on a website earlier that they had made some heeled shoes - not found them yet but am keeping an eye out). Browsing I came across these sandals. I was a bit concerned as they only make them in the small and medium widths, however, having stretched my previous pair (pop them in a tumble dryer on hot for 3 minutes, stick on a pair (or 2) of thick socks, put the shoes on the second the 3 minutes is up so they are still warm and wear for a minimum 30 minutes) I checked they were made from the same stuff and ordered a pair. They arrived in just 3 days, and once stretched, fitted like a dream. I wore them to a wedding at the weekend, several people commented on how comfortable I looked (which they were all complaining about their sandals, shoes and flop flips digging in or causing blisters) and all of them were shocked when I told them they were crocs. My feet? Well, they couldnt' have been more comfortable if they tried and I hit that dance floor for a good 3 hours. I am a crocs convert."


    A little room; feels more secure on your foot.

    Dual Crocs Comfort™

    Deep cushion: Feels soft with all day support.