Returns and refunds

How do I return an order?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return unused/unworn items within 90 days without any return shipping costs.

If you are a registered customer please log into your account to request a return. If you are not a registered customer click here.
If you ordered as a guest please enter your order number (eight numbers and three capital letters, e.g. 00012345CGB) and billing last name.

Is there a warranty period?

Crocs are covered by a 90-day warranty; It applies to defects in materials and workmanship for 90-days from the date of receipt of product.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

No, return shipping is free. The return label that you'll receive is prepaid.

I returned some Crocs, when can I expect my refund?

Your refund will be deposited on the account that was used for the purchase.
The refund will be deposited within, on average, 10 working days after the Crocs are received in our warehouse in the Netherlands. The refund will be deposited under the name Crocs or Adyen.

How do I return my Crocs if I can’t access my account?

To return your Crocs you are not required to log into your account.
Please click here to return your order.
Fill in your order number (ends with CGB) and the last name that was used to create the order.
After entering the information please select “returns” and subsequently select the Crocs which you would like to return.

I received the wrong pair, how can I receive the correct pair?

Please send an email to websales_uk@crocs.com and include the order number (ends at CGB), state the pair of Crocs which you did not receive and add a photo of the wrongly received pair. The customer service agents will send you a free return label to return the wrongly received pair and send you the correct pair.

Order issues

Where is my order number?

The order number is stated in the order confirmation email, which you received shortly after placing an order on our website. The order number is 8 numbers followed by CGB, for example; 01234567CGB

I am having trouble placing an order.

If you have any trouble placing an order, please place an order on a laptop or a computer and not on a mobile device (i.e. smartphones and tablets)

We kindly ask you to check your internet settings and delete your internet history, including cookies.
You could also try another web browser (for example Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer).

Can I place an order over the phone?

Unfortunately we can’t accept any order over the telephone.

Can I cancel or change an order?

After the order has been placed, it will be processed as quickly and carefully as possible. Unfortunately orders cannot be modified or cancelled after completion. If you chose the wrong model or size you can return them as soon as you receive them and you will be refunded. Please refer to our return policy. If you would like to order additional items, please place a new order on our webshop.

I forgot my account password

Click here to reset your password. We will send a new password to your email address.

Shipping and delivery

I would like to change my delivery address.

Please contact customer service, websales_uk@crocs.com, and provide them with your order number (ends at CGB) and with your new delivery address. Customer service will forward your new address to our courier (GLS).

Is there an express delivery option?

Sadly we do not provide an express delivery option. Please check the delivery time for each specific country here.

What are the shipping costs/ delivery times?

The shipping charges vary per country. Please find the shipping costs and the delivery time per country here. The delivery time is 5-6 working days.

I live on an island, can I still place an order?

Our sincere apologies but apart from the mainland of the United Kingdom and Ireland we are not able to deliver an order to any islands.


What size should I order?

Sadly we are unable to provide anyone with accurate advice on which size anyone should order as every foot is different.
Please check our size chart for the different sizes and fits.
The size chart includes length measurement to assist you in comparing your foot size to the available shoe sizes.

Please order your UK size on the website! The order confirmation will show the UK size as well. Be informed that the Crocs themselves and the invoice that you are provided state the US size which is a higher number for adults than the UK size, the actual size of the Crocs is still the same.

My Crocs shrank, what can I do?

Crocs™ is proud of its quality and reputation for safety.

Even though we have not seen your shoes, we are aware that this can happen if Crocs™ shoes are exposed to the sun or to heat for long periods of time.

Therefore we advise our Customers accordingly:
Heat: do not expose your Crocs™ shoes to extreme heat or intense sunlight for an extended period of time. Due to the unique nature of the Crocs™ PCCR material, high temperatures may cause them to warp.

More information about this can be seen here.

Please send photos of the issue for our product development team to investigate to websales_uk@crocs.com. Please add your order number (ends in CGB) if you ordered the Crocs on our website or add a photo of the receipt if you bought the Crocs in any of our stores.

My coupon code doesn’t work, how do I get my discount?

Please send an email to websales_uk@crocs.com and include the coupon code that does not work.
The customer service agents will solve this issue for you.

Where can I insert my coupon code?

When you finished selecting the Crocs you would like to purchase click on the shopping cart in the top right corner of the webpage to continue to the first checkout page.

On this page you will see the Crocs you have selected and beneath the pictures of the selected Crocs there is a text box where you can enter your coupon code.

Please click on apply after you entered the code.

TIP: if possible copy and paste the code to prevent any typing errors. If the code is not working please send an email with the malfunctioning code to websales_uk@crocs.com

The model/ colour/ size that I am looking for is not available on the website.

If the model is not available on our website we currently do not have them in stock. Some Crocs styles are restocked frequently but not every style comes back. Please contact our customer service team, websales_uk@crocs.com, for more information.

My rivets or heel strap broke, how can I get new ones?

If one of the rivets (buttons) on your Crocs has broken please contact customer service, websales_uk@crocs.com, and provide your address. Customer service will send you some rivets via mail.

If a heel strap of your Crocs broke please contact customer service, websales_uk@crocs.com, and provide photos of the defect.